Sun Ra: the imposing light sculpture from Luminara

Luminara sun ra onyx table light Supposing you have a really important space -- a niche that closes a vista, perhaps, or a reception desk of a five star hotel, where the right impression has to be given -- what do you put there? Well, you may not be considering a light, but you should.

You're thinking that we would say that anyway. But we have our reasons!

The first is that it will already have a light in it so, unlike a sculpture, it does not need separate lighting.

The second is value for money. No matter how fine a sculpture may be, as soon as you put a lamp in it, it becomes just a light and costs 90% less. On average.

But the main reason is the sheer quality of what is available to you. All the greatest architects for over a hundred years have designed lights.

The imposing piece above is Sun Ra by Roberto Lazzeroni for Luminara. It is made from Persian white onyx and has a light encased in frosted glass inside the pierced chrome ball. It only costs €9,412 ex-VAT! Just think what you'd pay for an onyx sculpture of this quality!!!

Nevertheless, if your client cannot afford that, do not worry. There are other versions that exploit the quality of the woods from which they are made. And they are even cheaper!

Zebrano -- €2,397:

Luminara Sun Ra zebrano table light

Wengé (actually, oak with a wengé finish) -- €1,922:

Luminara Sun Ra wenge table light

And, still on Luminara's web site, but they haven only a couple left (so it will be a collector's item now), the paduk version:

Luminara Sun Ra paduk table light

The Sun Ras are W50cm H63cm D20cm. So, also ideal for a credenza or a console table.

Or for that place where you put your most precious things....

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