Pia glass pendant by Sara Gressberg

Pia by Sara Gressberg.01 A glass pendant. There is no shortage of these. So what is special about this one? It is the milky softness of the semi-translucent glass, that was inspired by the quality of light in the nordic region.

Let Sara Gressberg, who designed it, explain in her own words:

"The inspiration came to me from a frosted window, that was beginning to melt from the morning sun.

"The Nordic light is unique, winters can be dark and gloomy, yet incredibly beautiful and delicate when the light first breaks through. Because of our high latitude, which gives us low solar paths, the Nordic light has a very diffuse transition from dark to light. In Pia, I have tried to capture the beautiful delicate Nordic light so that the memory of the beauty of light never is far away when it is at its darkest."

So this simple, elegantly shaped light is full of meaning, of memory.

Normally, metal or plastic would be used for the structure. But Sara has used cork -- a softer, more organic material, and an ideal match for this glass.

Pia by Sara Gressberg.02

She is currently studying for her Masters in product Design at Oslo and Akerhus University College.

Sara GressbergThere is a sensitivity to mood and material demonstrated by this piece which suggests that hers will be a career to watch! This is inconsistent with the use of a CFLi, of course, but maybe it was necessary to employ one for political reasons.

This is what Pia looks like on;

Pia by Sara Pressberg set

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