Flo by Foster + Partners for Lumina

Lumina Flo table light white by Foster + Partners As befits a company originally formed to create the (most minimal) task light, Daphine:

Lumina Daphine task light red

a higher proportion of Lumina's catalogue comprises task/desk lights than that of any other quality lighting company.

In 2011, Foster + Partners design Flo for them. There are two table versions, H43cm L39 cm, or H36cm L32cm. The latter makes a good bedside light (in spite of what this image shows!) ..

Lumina Flo beside light

...and the former comes in a clamp version, so that less desk top is taken up by its base:

Lumina Flo task light with a clamp

Besides the sombre finishes of gun metal...

Lumina Flo desklight detail gunmetal

...and nickel...

Lumina Flo desk light nickel detail

...Lumina have now added a great range of colours:

Lumina Flo task light colours orange

Lumina Flo task light colours green

There is also a floor light, H110cm L42cm:

Lumina Flo floor and table task lights set

They contain a 6W 3000°K LED (3W for the bedside light), the head rotates through 300° and the body pivots through 120°. So it is pared down and functional.

They will be featured in advertisements in Wallpaper* in the coming months. But you saw them here first!


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