New to the Light Finder: Ilide

Ilide Cenere burnt wood pendant light We are excited by the premise behind Ilide, a new Italian lighting design company. They are bringing designers together with artisans who work in different materials: glass, ceramics, wood, marble.... They found the best by selecting the top 20 from a competition they held in 2010 that attracted more than 1,000 participants from all over Italy.

The light at the head of this post is Cenere. Using a technique unique to them, the shade is burnt, then stabilized, then hand-painted and finished. The shade is coated with natural non-toxic resins so that it is fire-resistant, odourless, clean to touch and even washable! In such a manner are Ilide pushing the boundaries of what can be done with materials, whilst ensuring that the finished products are fit for purpose.

We have already posted here about how Matera Rossa...

Ilide Matera Rossa pendant light

uses the fact that clays, if not mixed too much, remain separate, in order to create these fluid, colourful patterns after firing and cutting back.

We have also posted here about Etica...

Ilide Etica 1 porcelain and glass pendant light

...and the delicate processes necessary to embed colour within two layers of porcelain, that reveal themselves when the lamp is on. When the lamp is off, the column is white.

One is aware of the nature of clay in Matera,  of porcelain in Etica, and of burnt wood in Cenere, just as one is of the nature of glass and travertine, for example, in other designs from Ilide.

They have embarked upon an exciting journey.


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