A homage to the light bulb #1: Edi son from Davide Groppi

Davide Groppi Edison table light 1 The light that we see is the part of the spectrum of energy that is produced by something burning -- the sun, a candle, a fire. It is therefore  part of the energy that gives us -- and every living thing on the planet -- life. Most of the spectrum is invisible to us, but it all affects us.

An incandescent lamp produces the full spectrum, including visible light, by heating its filament.

Fluorescent light sources, which include LEDs, use fluorescing phosphors and filters to produce spikes of light at particular points in the visible spectrum. Since the complete spectrum is not being produced, we don't like the light and colours are not faithfully rendered. But it worse than that: we are not benefiting from the parts of the spectrum that are invisible to us.

The result is that modern people, who live most of their lives in artificial light, will be unhappy.

However, another by-product of the enforced change-over from incandescent lamps is a nostalgia for the lamp we all know and understand. This is partly conscious and partly subconscious. It is leading to good decorative luminaire makers creating homages to the light bulb.

This is Edi son from Davide Groppi:

Davide Groppi Edison table light set 3

For Christmas, they have made a short (42 seconds) , elegiac video of it. If you have any soul, you also will be surprised by how moving you find it:


Here are the technical details:

Davide Groppi Edison table light tech info 1

Davide Groppi Edison table light tech info 2

Davide Groppi Edison table light 4

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