Crystal Galaxy from Quasar now available in copper!

Quasar Crystal Galaxy chandelier in nickel Crystal Galaxy, another great design from Jan Pauwels, is produced by Quasar in nickel -- see above -- and very lovely it is too.

But we are nevertheless thrilled that they have now introduced a copper version:

Quasar Crystal Galaxy chandelier 40 in copper

Copper is such a wonderful, warm finish, yet light makers stubbornly refuse to make copper lights -- in spite of all the hints we drop. Imagine!

Quasar are doing brass Crystal Galaxies too:

Quasar Crystal Galaxy 40 in brass

This is a wonderful design, with all the beauty of a chandelier but any potential for pomposity is undercut by its informality. Here's a detail:

Quasar Crystal Galaxy chandelier detail

You can see the optional spotlight which provides additional downlighting.

The versions of Crystal Galaxy that are available in these new finishes are Ø40cm, Ø60cm, Ø80cm and Ø100cm, with either the cute 2W krypton lamps or 0.3W LEDs There is an upcharge of 25%.

Don't want a Crystal Galaxy? That's OK! There are versions of Universe that are also available in the new finishes, with the same upcharge:

Quasar Universe chandelier




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