Tree of Life LED desk light by Victor Vetterlein

tree-of-life-by-victor-vetterlein 1Working in an office (as we do) we can road test LED task lights on our desks. Few stay for longer than a couple of days, because they don't work very well as lights. But they can be great sculptures, as designers take advantage of the unique properties of LEDs.

In this case, the light, by New York-based Victor Vetterlein is functional -- and cute. It is made out of copper in order that the five lights can be bent to spread the light where it is required.

tree-of-life-by-victor-vetterlein 2He is doing some very interesting lights at the moment. Most prominent recently has been his egg-box-like Trash Me (which is bigger than it looks in pictures!) for the Danish company &Tradition.

See also our posts on his United pendant and Sprig Lamp pendant.

Clearly one to watch!

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