Quasar's Citadel in this year's "Most Innovative Project"

Quasar Citadel chandelier at Downley House, Hants Readers of the British Daily Telegraph found the front page of the Property section of Saturday's newspaper dominated by the picture above. It is an interior from Downley House in Hampshire, a home created by Chris Taee that won Homebuilding & Renovating magazine's "Most Innovative Project" award for 2012. You can read the full article here.

This is an open, airy, yet strong space. It needed luminaires that share the same chracteristics. We thought that one of Jan Pauwels' designs for Quasar would be most appropriate. The truly amazing Cobra...

Quasar Cobra chandelier by Jan Pauwels 1

Quasar Cobra chandelier by Jan Pauwels 2

...was felt to be too horizontal for an interior that arches upwards so high.

Universe Square (about which we posted recently -- see here)...

Quasar Universe Square Triple chandelier

...was felt to be, well, too square for a space that is dominated by barrel-shaped arches.

But a composition of Citadel circles was found to be just right. And we hope that everybody who saw the picture will agree -- that this is an open, airy, yet strong, design that, with its curves, responds to the rounded load-bearing members. The natural finish of the metal complements the natural finish of the wood: this building makes a virtue out of the materials from which it is constructed.

Quasar Citadel at the Taee house




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