Kevin Reilly in Courchevel

Kevin Reilly Timmeren wal light set It is suprisingly difficult to get good images of lights being used in real projects. We were therefore delighted to receive these from Kevin Reilly, showing  interiors of L’hôtel Les Grandes Alpes in Courchevel 1850.

It is also very timely: you lighting fans will be thinking about finalizing you skiing plans: now you know where to stay at one of my favourite resorts!

The wall lights above are Kevin's Timmeren. This is a perfect application of them: their long narrow shape sits well as part of a composition that includes two pictures, and their natural metal finish complements the exposed wood upon which they are set.

Here we have Kevin's best known design, his Altar, used here over a desk:

Kevin Reilly Altar chandelier

We are often asked how close to a ceiling a pendant light can go. The benefit of pictures like this of lights in situ is that you can look and draw your own conclusions.

It brilliantly carries out one of its functions, which is to draw attention to the desk and lady sitting at it, just as the three Koloms below helpfully draw the eye of people arriving in the hotel for the first time to where the reception desk is:

Kevin Reilly Kolom pendant lights

Who would have thought that designs conceived and made in hot, steamy Alabama, the Heart of Dixie, would look so good in the icy wastes of the French Alps!

(And what's with the sheep...?)




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