A LED lamp that can blow 3,000,000 bubbles in 50,000 hours

Surface Tension Lamp pendant light by Front for Booo Our mission to keep you up-to-date with all the important developments in fine lighting, so if someone invented a light that also blew bubbles -- not just one or two bubbles, but 3,000,000 --  you'd expect us to tell you about it, wouldn't you. Even if it takes 50,000 hours to blow them.

So that's what we're doing. It has been created by the Swedish design consultancy Front (who need no introduction) for Booo, home of unusual lamps (who may). It is the Surface Tension Lamp.

In fact, I'm not just going to tell you about it, I'm also going to show you a film of it...


...from which you can see that the name is a pun. Surface tension, obviously because that is what makes the bubble possible, but also the tension that comes from waiting for the bubble to burst. Hours of nail-biting fun.

It is basically a bubble-blowing machine with a LED in it. It is being shown during Design Miami, at Design On/Site. The gallery "challenged three of the  most cutting-edge design studios to reinvent, in absolute freedom, the concept of a light bulb by investigating unconventional materials and technologies."

Booo surface tension pendant light by front

Surface Tension Lamp by Front for Booo

This may be the only bubble-blowing lamp that we ever show you, so do make the most of it.

Booo Surface tension light

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