Making...Prandina's Gong

Prandina Gong pendant light Prandina have introduced Gong, a pendant light made from blown glass that is painted on the inside. It is in the language of their excellent Notte series...

Prandina Notte pendant light

...the difference being that, whilst Notte is basically a source of direct light downwards, the sides of Gong are more translucent. Therefore it provides ambient light as well.

The picture above shows Gong in its most dramatic colourway -- aubergine and black. But it also comes in all white...

Prandina Gong pendant light white

...or all ivory, or ivory and white.

One understands any light so much better if one has some idea of how much skill and effort has gone into making it. We are therefore delighted to make available to you this short (just two minutes) film, showing how Gong is made. It even has a a lovely gongy sound track!

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