Céline Wright Arabesques GM PM a poser.

An essential stand for us at Maison et Objet is always Céline Wright's. Having lived for some years in Japan, her principal material, now that she is back in France, is the semi-translucent paper used in shoji walls, doors and windows:


Whereas the Japanes use is formal, in Céline Wright's hands this wonderful paper, which is white, never fades, is untearable and fire-resistant, becomes informal floating shapes of clouds and cocoons or -- because there is so much variety in her work -- formal, in her own way: Diva, for example:

Diva plafonnier.jpeg

Everything is made by hand by Céline and her team. It was a great idea for this fair to have one of her craftswomen creating a light on the stand who, besides concentrating on what she was doing, was very patient and informative with nosey visitors!

She was making Céline's new introduction, Arabesque.  We said in our Handy Guide to Maison et Objet that this design looks a bit like the outline of a Whirling Dervish. You may disagree, but it gives me the chance to share this fab picture of whirling dervishes ( who I saw, not in Aleppo, but in Ann Arbor...)

Whirling dervishes.jpg

Anyway, Céline's Arabesques also seem to be spinning.

The picture at the head of this post shows the large (Ø50cm H70cm) and small (Ø25cm H35cm) table versions. The same sizes also come as pendants -- the large...

Arabesque GM suspension.jpeg

..and the small:

Arabesque PM suspension.jpeg

with a proper ceiling rose and a red cable -- as is pointed out on the web site, they'd look great hanging over a bar, wouldn't they!

Of course, since everything is hand-made, custom pieces are possible.

There is something about Céline's work that warms and lifts the heart, even on a cold,dirty, slushy January day somewhere near Charles de Gaulle airport. It must come from the character of Céline herself:

Céline Wright.jpg

So you can see why we are fans!

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