Maison et Objet: Balloons and Memory from Brokis -- and a puzzle!

Brokis Memory ceiling lights If i were to tell you that two of the lights presented by Brokis at Maison et Objet were called Balloons and Memory, you'd obviously realise what those in the image above are called.

But you'd be wrong. They are called Memory. These are their Balloons:

Brokis Balloons floor and table lights

This matters because Brokis is a very important new brand -- we are excited by them. So you'll be seeing these designs around and you'll be wanting to specify them (you'll see...)

Like several other companies, Brokis are drawing on the unrivalled glassworking expertise still to be found in Bohemia. What distinguishes Brokis from the rest is the quality of designer that they are using.

Responsible for the Balloons are Lucie Koldova (who gets the prize for the world's most minimal home page -- follow the link!) and Dan Yeffet, who also did Muffins for them -- see our post.

They come in three sizes, two shades of glass and a range of colours:

Brokis Balloons table and floor light colours

and can look like this:

Red Balloons floor light and table light from Brokis

and -- gloriously -- like this in copper:

Brokis Balloons floor light and table light in copper

Now let's look at the balloons, which are called Memory, designed for them by Boris Klimek. It is not an original idea -- students do glass balloons, and there are balloons in the shops on Murano.  What singles out the Brokis balloons (which are called Memory) is how well they are done. So, instead of looking like tired old idea, they are effective and fun. Better still, they delight, as you could see by the reaction of Maison et Objet visitors.

Here are some Memory ceiling lights:

Brokis balloons called Memory wall and ceiling lights

and there are also wall lights...

Brokis glass balloons called Memory wall lights

...which could be balloons on their way up to the ceiling, or stuck to the wall by static electricity because you rubbed them against your jumper.

And to add to the delight, if you pull the string, you can turn the light on and off (a practical advantage if you are specifying a room in which you cannot put a separate on/off switch into the circuit).  They come in three sizes and eight (eight!) colours.

Brokis glass balloons called Memory ceiling lights

And the puzzle? Have another look at these Balloons (which are not a balloons -- the balloons are called Memory)...

Brokis Balloons floor light table light

How do you think they get the metal plate inside the glass balloon?

You can't use the technique that gets a ship in a bottle, or a pear in a bottle of schnapps.

I know what they do (because I asked) . If I tell you, I will have to kill you. Actually, that's not true. In fact, when you realize what they are doing, you will be even more impressed by the skill of the Brokis glass blowers....



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