Maison et Objet: Vibration from Saint-Louis

  Saint-Louis Vibration horizontal table light

The Cristalleries de Saint-Louis is not just one of the world's finest crystal companies, since being granted their letters patent by Louis XV in 1767, they have been one of the most illustrious French enterprises of any kind.

Primarily known for their distinctive ranges of chandeliers along traditional lines, we were not prepared for the dramatic contemporary piece at the entrance to their stand at Maison et Objet, shown in this little picture:

Saint-Louis Vibration chandelier

This is the the latest addition to the Vibration range that is being designed for them by Éric Gizard.

As we have to keep pointing out, the power of light plus crystal can never be captured in a still photo, especially when the real thing benefits from cutting of this quality. But, without the glorious distraction of sparks of refracted colour, at least you can see the details of the crystal clearly!

Look again at the image at the top of this post -- the Horizontal Table Light in the Vibration collection. Èric Gizard has taken Saint-Louis' emblematic diamond cut and added movement (vibration -- geddit?!), by introducing hand-cut curves. Here is the Vertical version of the table light:

Saint-Louis Vibration Vertical Table Light

You can see how the outer diamonds are regular: they become progressively distorted towards the centre, which is where the light source is concentrated. Maybe the picture below of the lights in a showroom gives a better impression of their impact:

Saint-Louis Eric Gizard Vibration table lights

It happens to demonstrate another characteristic of an object composed of lit glass or crystal: it appears bigger than it would if it were made of anything else. Thus, if you look at the picture above, you see the wonderful sparkle from the lit crystal, whereas, if you look again at the picture of the Horizontal, in which the lamp is not on, you are more aware of the elegant metal base and handle.

There is also an applique in this stunning collection.

Saint-Louis Vibration wall light

The chandelier (of which I hope to get a better picture!) costs €25,000 and the Vertical table light €4,100.

Saint-Louis logo

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