Stockholm: Leaf pendant from bsweden

bsweden Leaf pendant light orange Besides their appearance, pendant light shades differ in the degree of translucency. A shade that is not translucent at all will prevent glare and cast all its light downwards onto a table below. On the other hand, it will cast no radiant light.

In fact, it may even be difficult to tell whether the light is on or not. The result is a dead object which obstructs views.

bsweden Leaf  pendant light birch


Bsweden's Leaf pendant light, designed for them by Marit Stigsdotter and Staffan Lind, is made from laminated sheets of wood -- not translucent at all. But the way the four panels are arranged (prompted by a pad of Post-it Notes) leaves gaps between, so that some light comes directly out, and it is also possible to glimpse the inside. At no point do you see the lamp, so there is no glare.

There are two sizes -- Ø36cm and Ø52cm. The larger one comes in orange and birch, as above, plus black and white.

bsweden Leaf pendant light blue

The smaller one comes in the same finishes, except orange. It does also come in grey,  blue and red.

bsweden Leaf pendant light grey

This design is not complicated, therefore, but the details have been carefully considered to create something quite imposing, and colourful. There is even a good choice of cables to hang it from!

bsweden Leaf pendant light cable colour options

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