Stockholm: the Noa pendant from Valoa by Aurora

Aurora Niemisen When we are putting together our PDF Handy Guides to recommended stands at the major trade fairs, we sometimes put in a wild card -- a brand of which we have no direct experience but, from what we've read, sounds really interesting. Our wild card for Maison et Objet was the Spanish company, PCM Design. When we saw their products and met the founder,  Paloma Cañizares, on their stand, their inclusion was fully vindicated.

As was our wild card for the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Valoa by Aurora, founded by the delightful Finnish-Canadian designer Aurora Neiminen in the summer of 2011.

That is Aurora above, holding their first product, the Noa Pendant....

Valoa by Aurora Noa pendants 1

...which comes in two sizes, Ø50cm...

Valoa by  Aurora Noa pendant 50cm

...and Ø30cm:

Valoa by  Aurora Noa pendant 30cm

The standard finishes are black, grey or natural white. The material is soft, like felt, but is in fact recycled PET (pop bottles). However, a much wider range of colours is available...

Europost2 felt colours

by making an extra layer from Gabriel's Europost2 felt collection.

Valoa by Aurora Noa Pendant colours

The standard light source is a triac dimmable 3000K or 4000K 15W LED, belting out 1200 lm. The acrylic diffuser is made so much more interesting by having that bulge in the centre. It is designed to spread glare-free light.

As far as possible, everything has been sourced from Finland for, like PCM Design in Spain and Ilide in Italy, Valoa by Aurora is a new company specifically created to produce ecologically-sound products, using young local designers and craftspeople.

Perhaps they would each have done this anyway, but we see this exciting trend being partly a result of the determination of gifted, energetic people to do something practical to offset the evils of underemployment on other one hand, and mass-produced, meaningless -- heartless --  stuff on the other.

Fine Lighting News would be minded to support such initiatives on principle. How much better it is, though, that the quality of the design and production of the products of all three is so high.

Here is Aurora exhibiting for the first time, at Habitare Helsinki in September 2012, nervously wondering how the World will greet the newly-born Noa pendant. Well, as we now know, she needn't have worried!

Valoa by  Aurora Noa stand at Habitare, Helsinki



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