Stockholm: Norwegian Forest from Northern Lighting

Northern Lighting norwegian forest birch large pendant Cathrine Kullberg has designed Norwegian Forest for Northern Lighting. There are two finishes, natural birch (above) or white-stained ash...

northern lighting norwegian forest large pendant light white ash

...both having an inner layer of white paper fleece.

There are two sizes -- Ø55cm H40cm (above) and Ø32cm H32cm...

norwegian forest small pendant light kids supper

The small pendant also comes mounted on little feet to make a table light. Here is the full range:

Northeren Lighting Norwegian-Forest-All

So much for the facts. This post was planned to be about the Norwegian company, Northern Lighting, and their use of wood. I was going to base it on Plank...

Northern Lighting Plank

...the most uncompromisingly woody wooden light ever devised: two rough planks of wood with LEDs between them -- a great idea, satisfyingly interpreted.

But it is Norwegian Forest that sticks in the mind. This design is not just made of wood, but the pattern cut into it is of trees -- in fact, of a forest environment comprising not just the trees, but two wolves and a soaring bird:

Norwegian Forest design

Look how beautiful these lights are when turned on...

Northern Lighting norwegian forest small pendant light

...with the warmth of the wood and the changes of light -- brightness and shadows -- around the cut-out forms. Trees are big, trees are strong, trees are long-lived, but this is a very delicate piece -- about trees. Trees also provide warmth and a home if you are Norwegian.

At first glance you might dismiss this light as some kind of airport souvenir. I hope that you have now seen enough to take it seriously. It certainly has serious credentials. It is made by Northern Lighting, one of the best, most innovative lighting companies around. Cathrine Kullberg (also Norwegian), who designed it...

Cathrine Kullberg

...has a masters in design from Central Saint Martins and subsequently worked in Thomas Heatherwick's studio as a designer and project manager.

It certainly stands up for itself -- and complements -- non-kitsch environments:

northern lighting norwegian forest small pendant set

Now, our long-held desire has been to see see a light designed by Thomas Heatherwick. Do we have the necessary components here to make that happen...? By the way, the recent monograph about him is available through our on-line Amazon bookshop, in the section "Referred to in Fine Lighting News".

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