Very important news! FontanaArte have opened a UK warehouse!! Negligible lead times!!!

  FontanaArte Riga wall light

Yes, lights from arguably the finest collection in the entire industry are now available in the UK on extremely short lead times!

Not only have FontanaArte opened a warehouse here, but they will be keeping many of their items permanently in stock. Click on items in stock in UK to see which. Stock levels will vary as orders are fulfilled, of course, so it is still worth placing your order as soon as you can. They won't necessarily have large quantities either, so you will still need to let them know if you want a lot.

But this is a very exciting development. It does mean that if you need something special at short notice, we know where to look first.

The list includes the supremely useful Riga wall light (above) that comes in five lengths and four metal finishes. Not only is it good looking from the front, it also looks good from the side (which is what you see of wall lights when they are in corridors). Plus it is safe: it does not protrude far and, if you fall against it , its curved shape means that you will just slide off. If people see it, they specify it -- that's how effective it is.

There are the classic 20th century designs, like Pietro Chiesa's Luminator floor-standing  uplighter of 1933 -- a single spinning and so no seams...

Fontana Arte Luminator floor light

or Max Ingrand's Fontana of 1954, shade and illuminated base switchable separately...

FontanaArte Fontana table light

...or exciting contemporary designs like Yumi:

FontanaArte Yumi floor light

This will be an easy initiative to support since it confers such a practical benefit for UK-based projects.


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