Stockholm: Svenskt Tenn and Michael Anastassiades

Michael Anastassiades Flight table light for Svenskt Tenn One of the most exciting interiors shops in the whole world is Stockholm's Svenskt Tenn.

One of the most exciting artists currently creating lights is Michael Anastassiades ( in our opinion, and as we made clear in our previous post about him, here).

So you can imagine how delighted we were to find that the two are cooperating. The backbone of Svenskt Tenn's collection is the work of the Austrian architect Josef Frank, who worked with Svenskt Tenn's founder, Estrid Ericson, from 1934 until his death in 1967.

Svenskt Tenn asked Michael Anastassiades for a "reinterpretation" of some of Josef Frank's works. This kind of concept usually goes terribly wrong, so we were delighted to see that what he created not only demonstrates a fine, nuanced understanding of, and respect for, Josef Frank's work, but also that his works stand alone -- they would be credible designs even if the background to them were not known.

An example is the Flight table light at the top of this post. A lovely light. And so is the likely source, Josef Frank's table light #2349 (look at the wonderful foot -- delicate, yet solid!):

Josef Frank 2349 table light in brass for Svenskt Tenn

Michael Anastassiades has taken an idea which echoes a Chinese lantern and created an entirely new design that recalls a hot air balloon. Now the brass foot is a whoosh upwards.

The other lights (it is not just lights in the collection, but this is Fine Lighting News!) are in this design, which comes as the Cylinder table light...

Michael Anastassiades Cylinder table light for Svenskt Tenn

...and the Hem (Home) floor light:

Michael Anastassiades Hem floor light for Svenskt Tenn

There are also versions of both lights that have a little pleated silk skirt added:

Michael Anastassiades Cylinder table light with pleated silk


Svenskt Tenn explain that:

Michael Anastassiades has created a series of products exclusively for Svenskt Tenn in which he plays with the concept of sincerity, through a reinterpretation of selected objects designed by Josef Frank for Svenskt Tenn.

Selected products will be produced as limited editions and others are to be included in Svenskt Tenn´s permanent assortment.

You can see the full collection (not just the lights) here. To get a rough idea of the prices in euros, divide by 10. And, with the weakness of the pound, the same calculation will currently (February 2013) indicate prices in sterling also. The Swedish VAT rate is 25%.



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