Makers of custom lights can also make other things for you too!

  Fabbian Wing installation for Hong Kong airport

Have you ever stopped to think how many materials lights are made out of? Or about the skills of those manufacturers who can design and make unique objects, then light them, meeting technical regulations? Or how big some fittings are, that can only exist thanks to advanced mechanical and engineering abilities?

Now you have, I hope!

So now you can reflect on other things that they could make for you. This picture is of the reception area at 45 Park Lane.

Dernier & Hamlyn 45 Park Lane custom installation

You can see on the left a major art déco feature. Once it had been designed, nobody knew who could make it, until they thought of the great lighting experts, Dernier & Hamlyn.

We have been reminded of this by the latest press release from Fabbian. It features The Wing, designed by Foster + Partners for Hong Kong airport:

Fabbian Wing installation for Hong Kong airport 3

It is six metres long, 3.2 metres high, and weighs over eight tons. It is made up of twenty ultra-clear glass blades, all shaped differently. They are decorated with engravings that are illuminated by LEDs hidden in the base.

Practical issues that had to be overcome included dealing with this very concentrated weight, given that the airport floor had limited strength. So a special base had to be designed that also houses the light sources -- that also had to be easy to transport and service, whilst being beautiful to look at!

Fabbian Wing installation for Hong Kong airport 2

Now, The Wing is lit, but so would almost any major installation be. The point is that the technical skills to make it possible are exceptional, and the next time they are applied, it will be to something completely different -- maybe to something that you've had in mind for a long time; you now have the client and the budget, but you don't know who can turn your idea into three dimensional reality....

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