Copper: Line by François Champsaur for Pouenat Ferronnier

Pouenat Line table light Copper is a wonderful warm, soft metal. It perfectly matches an incandescent lamp that is running at less than full power, i.e. when the light it is casting is also warm and soft.

Yet there are not many copper lights available. This is the first of a series of posts that will introduce you to some of the best of what there is.

Copper is not an easy metal to work, but when François Champsaur designed Line for Pouenat Ferronnier, he knew that this illustrious French metal-working company could and would do a great job.

He is one of several important designers who have created collections for them over the last ten years. Line is one of the exceptional pieces that resulted when Pouenat Ferronnier asked each of them to design a light for the 10 Ans d'Edition collection (launched at Maison et Objet this January) that celebrates this anniversary.

Line is available in brushed copper with a satin varnish; there is also a brass version. It is big for a table light, at W90cm H97cm D15cm, so it is more like a table-mounted screen or backdrop (a rôle that very few other lights could perform so well). Its shallowness would make it particularly suitable for a console table. The light sources are six 7W LEDs concealed in the folds.

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