Copper: Sven Ivar Dysthe's Butterfly from Northern Lighting

Northern Lighting Butterfly wall light  copper In 1964, Sven Ivar Dysthe designed a wall light called Butterfly. Arguably the leading figure in contemporary Norwegian design, he is respected for "...his ability to find simple solutions to complex challenges with decisive elegance". (A bit like me, really.)  Butterfly is an excellent example of this:

Sven Ivar Dysthe Butterfly wall light

It was originally made by Høvik Lys, and later by Arnold Vik, Norway. Northern Lighting relaunched the design in 2008.

They have now produced a version in copper which is heat treated, so each one will have a unique surface colour and material structure. Added to which, oxidization will further change their appearance, making each one more more individual -- almost a living thing:

Northern Lighting Butterfly wall light copper close up

Northern Lighting describe Butterfly well:

Its uniqueness lies in the combination of its simplicity of form and well-preserved indirect manner of emanating light, creating a bright, yet warm atmosphere...

especially in copper!

It is W20cm H21cm D10cm, so it small.

Northern Lighting Butterfly applique

Sven I Dysthe wrote:

“Butterfly”, a shining philosophy around white wings Woven into a connecting body,

a brightness that melts into the eye

glittering without glitter Flying without flight Living without life Just as plain and simple as that

Simple simplicity.

Like real butterflies, one is good, but more are better:

Northern Lighting Butterfly wall lights office


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