Copper: Kin by Francesco Rota for Oluce

Oluce Kin 479 pendant light copper Oluce have issued Kin, designed for them by Francesco Rota. One of the finish options is copper. The one in the image above is the larger size: Ø30cm (model #479). There is a also a smaller one at Ø15cm (model #478):

Oluce Kin 478 pendant light in copper

Other finishes include a black...

Oluce Kin 478 pendant light black

...and also a white, here demonstrating that if one is good, two are better...

Oluce Kin 479 pendant light white pair

...and, if you can, why not three? Or, what the heck, four!

Oluce Kin 478 pendant light four in a row

The light sources are a very efficient new generation of LED that runs on mains voltage (so no driver has to be accommodated) and is dimmable -- a 4W ( 320 lm) in the 478 and a 12W (940 lm) in the 479. Enough for a sun tan. Actually, though photometric tables are rare for decorative luminaires, Oluce do them for Kin:

Oluce Kin 479 photometric

The diffuser (more obvious in the smaller 278) is plexiglas.

Custom arrangements are possible, as are and special versions -- e.g. other colours, such as red:

Oluce Kin red installation

The result is very versatile, elegant, reasonably priced pendant, in two sizes and with a good light source.

Oluce Kin pendant light group


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