The Sparks system by Daniel Becker for Quasar

Sparks modular lighting system from Quasar in a all

Quasar will be showing in Milan their new Sparks system, designed for them by Daniel Becker. It is absolutely on trend, being a collection of components that can be plugged together to make installations of any size.

From the data sheet, you can see that only three shapes are needed....

Quasar Sparks lighting system data sheet

The connexion pieces have ball joints in order to maximize the range of possible angles. To these are added one of two lighting modules:

Quasar Sparks lighting modules

All the wiring is hidden and, since they plug into one another, only one electrical feed is required for most installations. Here is a close-up:

Sparks lighting system from Quasar detail

Each module has to be attached to the wall or ceiling, of course.

So, what can you do with it? Well, the world's your lobster, really. Here it is providing a light and airy differentiation between two spaces in a bank headquarters (Citibank in Singapore).

Quasar Sparks lighting installation Citibank, Singapore

You can put it over the reception desk in a hotel foyer -- here, the Adagio Hotel in Cologne:

Quasar Sparks lighting installation Adagio Hotel, Cologne

It can occupy that awkward space over a double flight of stairs (good quality LEDs mean that access for relamping is not an issue):

Quasar Sparks lighting installation over a stairwell

Though is fills quite a large space, it does it  without appearing to be too heavy -- and it does it economically! Such modular systems (the most extensive collection is from Vibia) are inexpensive ways to ornament large spaces.

You can put the Sparks system on a wall;

Quasar lighting installation on a wall

It can even go round corners...

Quasar Sparks lighting installation over two walls, round a corner

...which means that you can apply it where the surfaces are not flat. If you look at the picture at the top of this post, you'll see a beam running across the ceiling, but it is not interrupting the Sparks installation.

So, the German designer Daniel Becker has designed a very versatile, easy to use, economical, on-trend system capable of adding interest in a wide range of spaces, and of covering large areas.

Each light is one 6W 2700K Citizen LED.

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