Milan 2013's most exciting lighting trend: graphic!

Vibia Wireflow pendant light Arik Levy "Graphic" is probably not the best name for this trend: it'll be easier to understand what I mean from the pictures.

Above is Wireflow by Arik Levy for Vibia. Three were hanging over the desk on their stand. It is as if someone is drawing in the air. They look two dimensional, though an unexpected effect is to increase awareness of the space that they are in. They are big:

Vibia Wireflow pendant lights with Arik Levy

Earlier that day, we had been delighted by Davide Groppi's N-euro by Beppe Merlano. That is it going up the wall in the back of this picture taken on their stand:

N-EURO pendant light from Davide Groppi

You get the lighting body on one end of a lot of black cable, with a plug to go into a socket at the other end. The round wall attachments allow you to draw across the wall and ceiling, the pattern depending upon where you choose to put them.

N-EURO pendant light from Davide Groppi

But it is not one swalowe that bryngeth in somer. Any more than two lights make a trend. But a third...? This was Michael Anastassiades for Flos -- String Light:

String Light Michael Anastassiades Flos

We are indebted to Domus for this explanation:

String Light Michael Anastassiades Flos

It looked absolutely fabulous:

string light flos michael anastassiades

But, of course, the concept had already been established before Milan 2013 by the visionary Catellani & Smith. The most minimal of all is his Light Stick:

Catellani & Smith Light Stick floor light

and here is his Sorry Giotto:

catellani & smith sorry giotto floor light

He adds another -- almost secret -- level of interest, because the discs are not black, as you'd expect, but copper hand painted with blue.

Such minimal graphic designs in lesser hands could be/will be boring and become a cliché. But here we have four truly stunning pieces.


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