Milan 2013: DCW reissues Bernard Schottlander's Mantis lights of 1951

Schottlander floor light in three positions DCW Éditions, who brought back to us the Lampe Gras, are now re-editing another very important mid-century collection, this one dating from 1951, designed by the German-born Englishman, Bernard Schottlander.

He was an artist, engineer, and fan of Alexander Calder’s, who devised a clever system of counterweights that are combined with a series of strong and flexible metal bars. To these are attached aluminium shades. He creates a helical movement in which the symmetrical and the asymmetrical are in opposition. Very much of their period, you can understand how useful such designs, from a reliable supplier, will be.

DCW are issuing three of Bernard Schottlander's five Mantis designs:

Schottlander range of Mantis wall, floor and table light

The picture at the head of this post is of the floor version-- it appears to have three lights because it is showing how the light can be put in different positions.

The three little feet are more elegant, but for contract purposes (where they may get rougher treatment), a round foot, like the one on the table version , can be supplied:

Schottlander Mantis round base

From this close-up you can see that, to alter its angle, the main arm is positioned in one of three holes.

Here is the table version:

Schottlander table light

On the other hand, you adjust the angle of the wall version...

Schottlander wall light

by using the chain.

So those are the dry facts. Enjoy now the lightness and balance of this design -- you can see why it is called Mantis.

Schottlander floor light

And Frédéric Winkler of DCW Éditions points out that the curve around the opening into the diffuser is like a smile....

Last October, a white floor version of the mantis sold at Bonhams for £3,500.


Idea 53. Internationales  Jahrbuch für Formebung Hatje , Gerd Stuttgart 1952

Illuminazione D'Oggi (Esempi di decorazione moderna di tutto il mondo) Aloi, Roberto Milan 1956

Bernard Schottlander portrait


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