Milan 2013: Vistosi -- still the best source of really useful contemporary glass lights

Vistosi Implode pendant lights Inevitably, we all tend to remember best the unusual lights -- and bloggers to feature them -- but they are rarely the most useful. Unusual lights are only suited to unusual locations.

So the lights that are truly useful -- that we can put in all sorts of places, mix with all sorts of lights and interiors -- are not the shouty ones.

Vistosi has many really special lights in its collection (most notably the Giogali system of Angelo Mangiarotti and the Alega of Vico Magistretti), as befits this venerable company that is run by one of the leading Venetian glass families. But Vistosi is also the best source of good, well made, well priced, useful contemporary lights made of glass.

So we are going to focus in this post on a fine example that was on Vistosi's stand at Euroluce -- the Implode pendant and ceiling lights.

The first indication that it has bottom is who designed it -- Gregorio Spini, one of the founders of Kundalini. Besides setting the tone of this unusual company, he was also responsible wacky lights like Sama and others with a similar mid-century feel, such as the Ray Bow floor light. He left Kundalini in 2008 to go freelance.

Implode pendant light from Vistosi

The second indication is the clever things that are being done with glass. You have to see it to understand it, but this is how Vistosi describe it: the collection "...represents the illusion of a surface created by the implosion of a volume. The glass, due to the thickness, shows a gradation of multiple layers of white and transparent crystal."

What this means is that though it is polite -- not shouty -- it is not boring. The form is elegant,  and the glass really interesting if you take the time to look at it.

Such advantages would be no good if the luminaire was not available in useful forms and sizes. Fortunately, there are three ceiling lights...

Vistosi Implode ceiling lights by Gregorio Spini

...and three pendants:

Vistosi Implode pendant light dimensionsThe different sizes have different characters:

Vistosi Implode pendant lights

Vistosi Implode pendant light

The smallest ceiling light is described by Vistosi as a spot light, and can also be used on the wall. This would be an excellent choice for either side of a mirror -- it is Ø16cm D18cm:

Vistosi Implode glass spot light wall light ceiling light

Our problem is: how do we get you to stop, to look properly at such lights (not just these ones), and to realize in how many locations you could use them.

Particularly since they are very well made and very well priced.

Maybe this post will help, and encourage you to look at the rest of the Vistosi collection. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it should be. Because they are not currently keeping the information about their lights up-to-date on Architonic, most of them will not appear when you do searches for glass lights in our LIGHT FINDER or on the sites of any of their resellers. To see all Vistosi's lights, you have to remember to go here.


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