A LED Cellula from Anthologie Quartett

Cellula LED Anthologie Quartett Cellula from Anthologie Quartett, what a great idea -- a linear chandelier! Particularly since most dining tables are now (sadly) rectangular, rather than round.

But a surprising idea at the time -- it was designed by Nunzia Carbone and Tiziano Vudafieri in 1997, when lead crystal was completely out of fashion. By showing that this material was (a) beautiful and (b) compatible with avant-garde design ideas, it helped to make possible the revival of interest in it.

That revival of interest led to so many fakes being made. They are easy to distinguish because their quality is so low, notably, end caps on the structure and messy handling of the meeting of the cables and the structure -- not to mention, cheap glass and poorly finished metal. The original version is made from a beautifully crafted single piece of aluminium with the maximum attention given to all the detailing (e.g. slots for the wire carrying the crystals, to keep them exactly in place).

Anthologie Quartett Cellula chandelierThe LED version preserves this quality. The main difference is that the light source is now in a slot in the underside of the structure, as opposed to there being candle lamps in amongst the crystal drops, mounted in holders -- compare the picture above of the original with this picture of the LED version:

Anthologie Quartett Cellula LED chandelier

Faking is always wrong, but it is particularly bad when it is Anthologie Quartett's prodcuts that are being faked. No-one is more adventurous with the range of products and designs that they make available: they need the income from the hits to fund the risks. If companies like this do not take such risks, there will be no interesting designs for the fakers to fake. Parasites are not meant to kill their hosts (because that would be curtains for the parasite as well) but, just as in nature, human fakers do not always take this into account....

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