David Trubridge's stunning collaboration opens at Wanted Design NYC

David Trubridge The Elements installation with Swarovski Elements and TSAR carpets The Elements, David Trubridge's collaboration with Swarovski Elements and the really cool Australian company TSAR carpets, opens tomorrow (17th May) at Wanted Design in New York. It was previously seen at the Zona Tortona during the Milan Furniture Fair.

And what an impact it made! We tend to associate David with wood, and there was a wooden bench, Driftwood, but there were also the TSAR Carpets carpets and rugs, and the lighting component employed Swarovski crystal.

The installation is a quietly contemplative space, encouraging reflection on the vital role of the elements. The basis of all life on Earth is the eternal cycle of water: evaporated from the oceans by the fire of the Sun, it is carried in the air to the mountains where it falls on the Earth as rain, running back to the ocean in rivers.

Here is Light Rain...

Light Rain David Trubridge Swarovski Elements

Light Rain David Trubridge Swarovski Crystal Elements

... and Geode (the fire of the sun):

Swarovski Crystal Elements Geode David Trubridge

geode David Trubridge Swarovski Elements

And here is Light Rain over the Mount Ruapehu carpet:

The Elements David Trubridge

The installation is remarkably effective. But what is more impressive is what it says about David Trubridge's creative vision, and his ability to translate it into reality, recasting carpets and crystal into mountains, the sun, rainfall...

It was therefore a fitting basis for the launch of David's book, So Far:

So Far David Trubridge book

He says it is,

"The story of my journey - both metaphorically as an artist/designer, and physically as a traveller - which shows that my art and my life are inextricably linked.”

Go here to buy it.

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