Milan 2013: Penta's Glo Mini -- great singly, fabulous in clusters

PENTA GLO MINI PENDANT LIGHT SE Penta have introduced a mini version of their Glo, wisely named Glo Mini. They have also introduced two new colours: black and the (very fashionable at the moment) rose gold:


This means that there are now three sizes of pendant and three sizes of table light (plus a floor light)...

Penta Glo table light floor light pendant light dimensions

...available in six colours:

Penta Glo glass options

Each diffuser is made from borosilicate glass with a frosted glass inner shade that not only prevents glare, but also ensures that the lamp cannot be seen, an important consideration when all the lamps that you would not mind seeing will have been banned by politicians by 2016.

The result is round glass shades (for which we are being asked a lot at the moment) but without the bulb problem, in a variety of colours and sizes that mean they work well individually...

PENTA Glo set

Penta GLO table light rose gold

Penta GLO floor light

...and are one of the best designs from which to create a cluster, mixing sizes and colours as you like:

Penta GLO Multiple Composition

Glo is designed for Penta by Carlo Colombo.

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