How to light inside a wardrobe

BCM methacrylate illuminated wardrobe rail How do you get an even spread of light throughout a wardrobe, that is efficient enough for someone to see clearly everything that is in it?

You could install spots in the ceiling pointing in to the wardrobe. But (1) you probably don't want lights in the ceiling -- too naff, (2) shelves &c. in the wardrobe may block out the light from some parts of it, (3) the person looking into the wardrobe will create their own shadow, blocking the light from exactly where they are wanting to look, and (4) you may not have enough depth between the ceiling and the top of the wardrobe doors to fit spots that are deep enough.

So, what else can you do?

frauMaier have launched Superslim to be one possible solution.

fraumaier superslim ceiling light blackThe idea is that it is, well, super slim (H38mm!), so that it can fit on the ceiling, even if it is low and the wardrobe/cupboard doors swing outwards.

Then, its LEDs cast plenty (1000lm) of warm (2700K) light. The result is a wide spread of bright ambient light that, being nondirectional, will not create shadows. Besides black (above), frauMaier's Superslim also comes in white, red and gold:

frauMaier superslim gold wall light ceiling lightYou can also put them on a wall.

But suppose you need the light source to be inside the wardrobe?

You could put xenon strip around the inside of the door opening -- down the sides and even along the top. But they cannot light the whole interior properly, particularly if the wardrobes are a good size and/or the doors are sliding doors. In a dressing room, there may no doors at all behind which to hide the xenon strip.

Fortunately, BCM Illiminazione have come up with an elegant, efficient solution -- the illuminated clothes rail!

BCM lit clothes rail

As standard, they come in lengths from 300mm to 600mm, in 100mm increments. They spread the light evenly over the full length of the rail, directly down onto the clothes hanging from it (or onto the shoes in racks below it).

Others may have done this before, but not at this high quality, suitable for luxury installations.

So, who are BCM Illuminazione? As specialists in lighting for yachts and superyachts for over fifty years, they are well-known to yacht designers but not (yet) to interior designers working on residences or hotels. So they are a very well-kept secret -- you probably don't know them, but they are hugely experienced at working in the fussiest of environments, producing technical light fittings with a quality of finish appropriate to the most prestigious interiors.

After all, any company that is located just outside Forte dei Marmi is no stranger to the desires of the rich and famous!

For example, look at their other illuminated clothes rail -- a gorgeous methacrylate rod...

BCM methacrylate illuminated wardrobe rail idea that also translates into a lovely hand rail, that can be illuminated or not:

BCM lit handrail

If it is illuminated, the light comes from a proper halogen lamp in the metal section that attaches the rail to wall. There is a kit of parts that includes the elegant rounded methacrylate end caps. The main methacrylate rods can be any custom length up to 2m (then you can add another one, and so on).

The metal parts are brass, which is available in a variety of finishes -- brass, chromed, gold plated...

Don't you just want to rush out and specify a staircase?! I know I do.

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