A truly spectacular oval chandelier from Glass and Glass!

Glass and Glass custom oval Venetian chandelier mm.3.500x2.000x3.000h. This chandelier is oval. Oval chandeliers of any design are difficult to do, with complex visual problems to overcome if they are to look right from all angles. And complex mechanical problems to overcome if they are to hang straight. Fortunately, a Venetian chandelier like this one is suspended from a single point: if the piece requires several supports, it gets even more difficult.

Our hearts therefore sink when we are asked for oval chandeliers, so -- the lesson for today -- only think about specifying one when you really, really want one!

Fortunately,  we have several makers who can be relied upon to understand the issues and overcome them.

For example, Glass and Glass, who made the the one above. It is not just oval, it is HUGE!!! 3500mm x 2000mm by 3000mm high. Its size is easier to appreciate when you see it with people beside it:

Glass and Glass oval chandelier during inspection

Before being packed for shipment, chandeliers are always fully assembled and tested. A practical issue that we have to consider, if the chandelier is really big, is to work with a factory that has a space large enough to accommodate it.

Fortunately, Glass and Glass may use the finest centuries-old Venetian glass techniques but they have a modern building that is big enough for this one.

Glass and Glass custom large oval chandelier during testing

As always it is not enough that a lighting supplier can make what you want.

There are other issues that are just as important, so we are pleased to be able to report that Glass and Glass is a delight to work with: a collection of standard items that is flexible and easy to understand; prompt, considered responses to requests for custom items; great care taken over practical issues like crating -- and very good prices!

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