Sans Souci's crystal waters -- and the Power of Blue

Sans Souci Grotto crystal sculpture If you have the  right artists, the right technicians and the right equipment (all of which are still to be found in what was Bohemia, and to all of which Sans Souci have access), you can do the most amazing, fabulous things in crystal and glass -- which could not be done in any other medium.

The picture above is of Grotto, an installation designed by Hana Vitková. It is made from fused glass in various shades from clear to azure. If you want one, its appearance can be modified by using other colours and/or by different surface treatments, such as sand-blasting or painting.

Sans Souci Grotto glass and crystal installation by Hana Vitková

The glass stalagmites and stalactites can be shown as if in a cave,  surrounded by reflective metal plates that echo the reflection on the surface of the water in the cave.

In Marcela Vavrušková's Sea Wall, the effect of water is conveyed by a combination of fused and hand-blown glass components:

Sans Souci Sea Wall glass installation

Then, drops, bubbles and seaweed have been sandblasted or etched onto the back of the mirror wall:

Sans Souci Sea Wall glass wall

Hana Visková is also responsible for the ceiling-mounted Water Flower...

Sans Souci Water Flower ceiling installation

... in which glass granules are applied to the back of the glass leaves. From a distance, this gives the shimmering effect of water. The glass used is in various blue shades, from pale aquamarine to cobalt.

My theory is that people are drawn to the sea by of the Power of Blue. You'd give up your annual holiday and lots of money to go here, wouldn't you...

blue sea

...but you'd probably rather stay in the office than go here:

grey sea

Such is the Power of Blue -- a power that, thanks to glass (and the artists, technicians and equipment to which Prague-based Sans Souci give you access), you can harness for your projects, to lift the hearts of everyone who uses the spaces -- and to ensure happy clients!

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