New to our Light Finder: GRAYPANTS

GRAYPANTS Scraplights Ausi pendant light Lights made out of cardboard and corrugated paper. It shouldn't work, but it does -- spectacularly well, as graypants Scraplights© prove.

Two things happen:

1.       the lamp casts the warmest, cosiest light

graypants scraplights cardboard corrugated paper detai

2.       the simple pattern of the corrugated paper creates fascinating and varied patterns when the circular shape cuts across it:

graypants scraplights disc pendant lightLovely singly, they work particularly well in multiples. Here they are hung at random heights...

graypants scraplights moon pendant lights are these ones over a bar:

graypants scraplights discs in a bar

Whereas these, also over a bar, are hung more formally:

graypants scraplights ausi pendant lights over a bar

So who is behind graypants? The name makes sense when you discover that it is a design studio set up in America, in Seattle, by best friends Jonathan Junker and Seth Grizzle. Here they are:

jon junker and seth grizzle of graypants

Not all the scraplights are pendants. Here is a cute Tilt table light, for example (note how well scraplights work in wood-dominated interiors!):

graypants scraplights tilt able light

Nor are the scraplights all that graypants do. In Milan, Jon showed me a prototype of their new line, the steplights, made of metal. When we have prices and know they are available, we'll post about them.

So, you really want to specify them now, but you have two concerns.

The first is that, because graypants' scraplights orginate in America, probably only UL versions are being made, and so they can't be used anywhere else in the world. Fortunately, this is not a problem. Like one or two other small American studios, they want to export and have therefore engineered international versions of their lights. Not only do they have certificates of conformity to CE standards, but they also now have an operation in the Netherlands.

Obviously, your second concern about cardboard lights is how durable they are. Are they going to fall to pieces?

They are clearly very well made, by graypants themselves, and they assure me that there have been scraplights hanging in commercial premises for several years now, with no problems. After all, once they are up, they will not be handled very much.

However, it would probably be wise not to put them in direct sunlight, and one should follow the maker's own guidance (as with any product). So lets' finish by seeing what graypants themselves say about the quality and care of the scraplights:

graypants scraplights quality


They care about the lights they make and want their owners to be happy, so they are not going to wash their hands of them. As you saw, if there is a problem with a scraplight, they are asking you to get in touch with them.

graypants scraplight Arcturus pendant light

Personally, I am reassured, which is why we are including these super lights in our LIGHT FINDER.

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