Illuminated passementerie: hotel-proof elegance from frauMaier

fraumaier pascha pendant light black Here is an elegant, simple idea: Pascha -- a pendant light in the form of a large tassel from frauMaier.

It could be used in a traditional scheme where tassels are being used elsewhere -- in tie-backs, for example. Or it could be used in a contemporary scheme, to offer a small surprise -- something soft and pretty.

They can also add a spot of colour. The standard collection includes red...

fraumaier pascha pendant light red

...and other colours are available upon request.

For more subdued colour palettes, there is also a grey:

fraumaier pascha pendant light greyThey are quite large -- Ø12cm H29cm...

fraumaier pascha pendant light  red set

...and take any E27 lamp of 40W or less.

So they are a gently witty idea that is very easy, very straightforward.

Oh, and the "hotel-proof" bit? Well, frauMaier is very helpfully adding a symbol...

frauMaier hotel-proof symbol the catalogue to indicate models that will stand up to way guests and staff treat things in hotels.

And since frauMaier herself is not included in any of the images of Pascha currently available, here she is anyway (Holly insisted):

fraumaier 1


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