The late Rainer Krause of Anthologie Quartett

Rainer and Michael of Anthologie Quartett Why has news of Rainer Krause's sudden death by heart attack hit those who knew him so hard? And why does it matter to anyone who cares about design and craftsmanship?

Rainer's creation is Anthologie Quartett. In our post about the company, here, we said this:

“Do not use anything which you do not know to be a pleasure to yourself, and which you do not believe was a pleasure to the workman who made it.” Oscar Wilde, in his lecture The House Beautiful.

Suppose you agree with Oscar Wilde's dictum. Surely then, if you don't actually make things yourself, it would be worth dedicating your life to seeking out the things that give pleasure, and ensuring that they are available for people to buy, thereby also giving work to the designers and artists who make them.

The criteria upon which you would edit your collection of things that give pleasure may include the beautiful, the interesting, the fascinating, the challenging, the wondrous, the joyous.... And, if you have the courage, you would impose no boundaries -- of type of object, style, date, nationality, material....

You'd end up with a collection similar in breadth to that of Anthologie Quartett.

This bears testament both to Rainer's ability to find what was good, what was positive, what was joyous, what was fun. And also to his ability to share.

He had a brilliant mind that embraced a wide range of subjects, including languages. He was passionate about all good design. He had the practical skills to take the things that delighted him and to create a successful business that made and sold them.

This was because he wanted to share. And what we remember most is his enthusiasm, his warm welcome, the twinkle in his eye, his generosity of spirit, his capacity for friendship, and for caring about others and how they feel.

So one really looked forward to seeing him, knowing that he'd have new wonderful things to show us, that the conversation would be fascinating and wide-ranging, that his outlook would always be positive -- and there'd be laughter!

Rainer was lovable.

That is why he leaves such a gap.

Anthologie Quartett Florentine straw hat

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