Two of the finest bathroom mirrors -- at BARGAIN prices!

Baulmann bathroom mirror 65.640.14 We chose the finest examples for our fine lighting showrooms. We found two fantastic bathroom mirrors from Dornbracht, so these are the ones that we put on display. We were disappointed when they discontinued them.

Then we discovered that they were in fact made by the excellent German lighting company, Baulmann, from whom they are still available! Ours are also still available, from the Ex-display Clearance Bargains pages of our web site.

The first is 65.640.14 above. Its brilliantly simple idea is to have two wings, like a triptych. The two vertical strips of light (2 x T5 24W) are on the outside of the central panel, so their location is fixed. The two outer panels can be moved at will, so that you can see the sides of your own head! It is 665 x 810 x 55mm.

The other bathroom mirror is 65-730.14.

Baulmann bathroom mirror 65.730.14

The simplest rule in all lighting design is that the bathroom mirror lighting has to light what is being looked at in the mirror -- viz. the face. The sources of light must be at eye-height, on either side of the head. This is usually achieved by wall lights either side of the mirror or by strips of light in the mirror.

This mirror does it differently. There are two strips of light in bars in front of the mirror that are open at the back, not the front. So the light shines into the mirror and then is reflected back at the face.  2700K 6W LED strips are now used. The LED driver is included.

However, the one in our sale uses fluorescent strips. You can see it here. It is priced at £510.64 inc. VAT. New, it would be £903.80 or £1,055.70 -- there are two sizes (800 x 800 x 95mm or 1,000 x 800 x 95mm). We'll have to go up to the warehouse to check which one we've got.

The mirror at the top, the triptych, is in our sale at a silly £357.44. New, it would be £1,318.48.

We are thrilled that these two fine mirrors are still available!

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