An introduction to GIO -- linear pendants in glass and marble

GIO LUZON linear pendant lightOne of the delights of the fine lighting industry is the really interesting people who, on their own or with their family, build a business making high quality, individual luminaires. Georg Eisenhut, of GIO, is a case in point. When he is not working on his unique collection of lights, he is thinking through, in great technical detail, issues such as what form golf clubs should now take, to keep up with the more radical permitted changes in the specification of golf balls.

His specialization is linear pendants. You can see the full collection here. He works primarily in two materials: quartz/marble, and glass. The picture at the top of this post is a Luzon in azul do macaubas. Here are some more (though note that it is a characteristic of such materials that they do not photograph well. You need to see them for yourself, and move around them -- as with crystal):

GIO cx 60 salmao linear pedant light

Azul do macaubas again:

GIO CARRE_X_60 MACAUBAS linear pendant light

Carré X/40 -- L1214mm:

GIO Carre X 40 (Estremoz) linear pendant light

Carrara marble:

GIO CARRE X 60 CARRARA linear pendant light

Part of the skill is finding appropriate and interesting marble or quartz. The azul do macaubas (above) for example, is mined from one hill in Brazil, of which the geological history has imparted both blue and brown into the quartz.

As the specifier, recognize that every one will be a little different. They are all semi-transparent, so the halogen lamps inside shine through, bringing out the character of the particular piece of quartz GIO have chosen. We have samples of the marbles/quartzes being used (and also of the glasses) for you to see.

Their visual impact is stunning: the are beautiful, unusual and clearly a natural  substance. This impact is partly due to the fact that each piece is a monolith -- a single piece of marble drilled out, not thin panels joined at the edges. (They are shipped in purpose-made hardwood crates.)

How can you use them? For example, to draw attention to the concierge desk in a hotel, or where to pay in a shop. They will glow in the underused space that is below the ceiling but above all the desks, chairs &c. to help users of the space navigate to where they want to go. The halogen lights inside them cast plenty of light down onto the table, desk or pool table below -- these lights are also very practical

Quieter, but just as beautiful, are the linear pendants that Georg makes using glass.

No design could be cleaner: the halogen capsules are small enough to fit into the depth of the glass! This is GIO's Nera:

GIO NERA GX glass linear pendant

Other shapes include the ship-like Queen Elizabeth:

GIO QUEEN ELIZABETH 110 linear pendant light

The colour of the glass can be exploited -- this is Nera XL:

GIO NERA XL linear pendant light

as can the thickness. Cuartel:

GIO Cuartel klar24 linear pendant light

These glass linear pedants are ideal for clients who want truly minimal, or for any location where you do not want the light to be distracting, or to block too much of the view -- out of a window, for example. Though when you do look at them, you want them to be beautiful!

But GIO does not only produce linear pendants! Here is a round glass Glasnost...

GIO Glasnost 105 glass pendant light

...and there is a range of wall lights, both in glass and also in the various quartzes and marbles, so that you can match them to the pendants you choose.

So what happens when Georg gives free rein to the playful side of his character? Well, this does:

GIO Golden Gate bridge pendant light

I can tell more easily than you can what is going on here, partly because, with all the world's fine lighting to choose from, I had one of these in my office. It is the Golden Gate Bridge, as a linear pendant, in the correct international orange. But it can do something the real bridge can't, best seen in the three pictures of GIO's other bridge -- the Ultra Marin:

GIO Ultra Marin linear pendant light

The ends can be folded in: fully folded out, the bridge is 160cm long. Both ends folded in, it is just L80cm. So, playful and practical at the same time.

And here is Georg's poetic side -- the En-tece-em:

GIO EN-TECE-EM linear pendant lightSo, as you can see, a fabulous, unique collection, the creation of one man doing what he loves, very well.



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