lightjunction trend #1: simple glass shades for filament lamps

lightjunction trend #1 rothschild and bickers

lightjunction, our new fine lighting event, will be with collocated with designjunction at the Sorting Office on New Oxford Street during London Design Week, 18-22 September 2013

A traditional metal filament lamp is beautiful to look at and casts a warm glow. It is the same type of energy source as gives us all life -- the sun, a fire, a candle....

As this Decorative Bulb Pendant from Trainspotters shows, a flamboyant filament lamp like this squirrel cage needs no shade at all -- you want to see the filament, and they don't cast much light, so they don't need shading:

Trainspotter decorative bulb pendant light

Yet politicians are banning them. Not surprisingly, therefore, they are now being used extensively, with no shade or with a very simple shade.

squirrel cage lamp

Northern Lighting has picked up on this with the lovely, solid glass Unika, that you'll be able to see at lightjunction, as you will the rest of these producers:

Northern Lighting Unika 2 pendant light

People have also been looking for simple, but slightly more decorative shades -- maybe some colour or some texture. There is fine selection from Niche Modern in America but, unless and until they are minded to engineer and certify international versions, their use is illegal and potentially dangerous in Europe.

So we are delighted that our own Rothschild & Bickers (they are in Hertford, England) have picked up on this: their new Pick-n-Mix range is the simplest in their collection yet comes in a variety of shapes, colours and finishes.

rothschild and bickers pick n mix pendant glass lights clear


rothschild and bickers pick n mix glass pendant lights amber


rothschild and bickers pick n mix glass pendant lights greenThey can be mix'n'nmatched in many different ways. For example:

rothschild and bickers pick n mix glass pendant lights hanging options

lightjunction 18 22 September 2013



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