Why do we keep saying that IP44.de make the best outdoor lights?

IP44.de-quant-quantum wall lights Yes, why do we?

Well, if you pick up an IP44.de light, feel its heft, see how exquisitely made it is and the attention to detail in its design, you may think that you have the whole story.

But you haven't, because what really distinguishes them is what they are doing technically.

One of their technologies, they dub "WavePipe". This is what they say about it:

Simplified planning

Professional light planners know that outside lighting is a fairly complicated business. But our WavePipe-technology makes it that vital bit simpler. Our novel, thermally optimized aluminium profile as the centrepiece of many IP44.de luminaires provides reliable heat dissipation, thus protecting their sensitive electronic components and prolonging the service life of the lamp.

IP44.de WavePipe

It accommodates different kinds of lamp types in the stainless steel housing, from low-voltage halogen lamps via high pressure discharge lamps through to IvyLight-technology. This means that the same luminaire models can be fitted with many different lamps and used for a wide range of lighting design tasks.

WavePipe-technology thus multiplies the possibilities while at the same time reducing the complexity. No matter how difficult a lighting task may be, WavePipe-technology helps to provide a convincing solution.

IP44.de WavePipe diagram

It is currently available in the rectangular Quantum and Quant exterior wall lights (shown at the top of this post) and also in the round Scap and Cap:

IP44.de-cap-scap outdoor wall lights

Lots of companies make round up/down wall lights that, from a distance, look similar to these ones. Most cost less. But they are not made as well as these are, they won't perform as well or for as long, and they won't give the satisfaction that comes from using a really good product from a company that still aims for the highest quality, rather than making down to a price.

You pays your money and you take your choice. Very rarely is a cheaper product exactly the same as a more expensive one. Obviously! Yet why do so many buyers think that this is true of lighting?! Buying cheap does not save money if it results in products that don't perform well, or last long. End of rant. (But, I like to think, a welcome insight into what fine lighting makers discuss when we get together in the pub....)

IP44.de WavePipe lamps

Find out more about IP44.de WavePipe technology, and what it can do for you, here.


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