It is so, so easy to use Azimut spot lights!

Azimut bi pro explanatory image 560When recommending Azimut AR111 spot lights, we are usually pointing out their practicality (you can point the lamp wherever you want) and the design heritage, that goes back to the 1960s, when Christian Girard was lighting fashionable Paris night clubs and shops, and the houses of people like Johnny Hallyday. As an example of their use, here is the Abseitz concept store in Stuttgart, lit by Gregor Scholz.

Abseit Stuttgart Azimut lights

The main luminaire being used is the Bi-Pro -- two lamps in one fitting...

Abseit Stuttgart Azimut spot lights

...that he was able to use in a variety of locations:

Abseit Stuttgart Azimut spot lightsThese were using halogen lamps, but the Azimut range is now fully exploiting a very high quality LED AR111 -- a LED 11-A1:

Azimut LED 11-A1 glare-freeContact us for the specifications.

But the point of this post is very simple. The Azimut lights are so easy to use because the lighting bodies are attached to the base by magnets. Why this is such a good thing becomes clear as soon as we demonstrate it to you. But for those that haven't seen us do this, Azimut have now produced a little film!

Now do you see?!

Azimut LED AR111 light


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