Kundalini's Dew: increased light output, and now dimmable

Kundalini Dew glass pendant light down a stairwell Emanuel Babled's Dew for Kundalini is now even more versatile. The 3000K LED light source is a more powerful 4W , and it is dimmable.

You can see above how far apart they can be spaced down a stairwell, creating a simple, uncluttered effect, whilst keeping the cost down. The same effect can be seen here...

Kundaini's Dew at the foot of a stairwell

...an image that also shows how effective they still are when not lit.

Dew used in a completely different way is shown here, where two rows are lighting a church -- the chapel at Mossley Hill, Liverpool:

Kundalini Dew in Mossley Hill Chapel, Liverpool

More often, though, we see them used in a cluster:

pendant light cluster

and sometimes like large stars across a ceiling:

Kundalini Dew fiera

Other decorative arrangements include this, behind a reception desk:

Kundalini Dew arrangement behind a reception desk

See how versatile they are?!

They even look good on their own:

Kundalini Dew pendant light

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