New Goldman from Flos zooms straight into the LED desk lights Top 10!

Flos goldman desk light brass green  

Ron Gilad's Goldman for Flos is witty, practical and beautiful.

Witty, because it draws on the iconography of the classic bankers' light. So, from this...

classic bankers' desk light this:

Flos Goldman desk light from filmPractical, because there is a good beam spread,  and your eyes are protected from glare by the green diffuser:

flos goldman desk light on old desk

And beautiful: well, that is thanks to an excellent designer, Ron Gilad, at the top of his game -- the dimensions, the curves, the lines, the proportions....

Green has been traditionally used in this context because it was deemed the colour most restful to the eyes. But if you would prefer more subdued finishes in these recessionary times, Flos also do a cool version in black chrome with a fumé diffuser:

flos goldman desk light in black nickel and fume by window

Instead of the chain traditionally used, there is an optical switch on the base, dimmable with "Soft Touch" technology -- so even the act of turning Goldman on and off is quietly satisfying.

And you don't only have to use it on your desk! Here is a couple of Goldmans lighting a display of expensive phones:

Goldman desk light from Flos with Virtu phonesBut this light is not itself expensive, though. For example, in the UK, Flos are only asking £303.13, inc. VAT!

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