lightjunction: Glaze from Innermost

Innermost Glaze pendant light large

 lightjunction, our new fine lighting event, will be collocated with designjunction at the Sorting Office on New Oxford Street during London Design week, 18-22 September 2013

Who has not been eating custard with a copper spoon and been struck by what a great light this combination of colours and textures would make! I know I have. And also, it would appear, Corinna Warm, the designer of Glaze for Innermost.

The large one (Ø33cm H20cm) is above. There is also a small one, Ø14cm H31cm:

Innermost Glaze pendant light small

The colours are ivory and copper, but what really stand out are the super tones and textures. There are still not nearly enough copper lights, given what an attractive warm material it is, and the way it can soften light -- here, it is brushed, to bring out its metal-ness. That contrasts with the smooth, soft, ivory part: if it is not custard, is it luscious thick double cream? Or  paint? Or ceramic?

In fact, it is silicon, that bonds to the copper (and is more permanent than custard....)

Innermost Glaze pendant light both sizes

Here's a group of them:

a group of Innermost's Glaze pendant lights

lightjunction 18 22 September 2013

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