lightjunction: Zero's fresh thinking

Zero Daikanyama suspended lighting systemlightjunction, our new fine lighting event, will be collocated with designjunction at the Sorting Office on New Oxford Street during London Design week, 18-22 September 2013

Here are two new designs that illustrate well what we expect from the Swedish company, Zero.

Daikanyama (above), created by Thomas Bernstrand is named after a district of Tokyo. The design echoes the patterns of overhead cables that you find in a Japanese street. They flow between walls and poles, usually directly from one point to another, so that the path of a single cable makes sense but, when combined, there is a pleasing irregularity about the resulting composition. For example, here is an intersection on the edge of Daikanyama:


Thomas Bernstrand has drawn on this image to create an unusually flexible system of overhead lights mounted on cables. They are quite big (see the figure in the image above) and, at the moment, there is no outdoor version. The light bodies are aluminium, painted red or yellow or orange or white or black:

Zero Daikanyama suspended light system black For Silo, Zero turned to one of today's hottest design practices, Stockholm-based Note Design Studio.

Zero Silo pendant lightThough small (Ø150mm H 235mm), the shape is based on something big, a grain silo, giving it an industrial feel -- how industrial depends upon the colour chosen: white, black, yellow or green. The power cable supplying the energy is an integral part of the composition: in the same colour as the shade, it enters at the side near the top, like the grain being fed into a mill. (Actually, to me it looks like a cider flagon.)

Zero Silo pendant light green

Zero Silo pendant light black

Here are some Silos playing grandmother's footsteps:

Zero Silo pendant lights in a group

lightjunction 18 22 September 2013


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