lightjunction: Licht Im Raum's Stilio -- the light that works everywhere!

licht im raum stelio chandelier

lightjunction, our new fine lighting event, will be collocated with designjunction at the Sorting Office on New Oxford Street during London Design week, 18-22 September 2013

Well, maybe not everywhere! But we have been delighted -- though not surprised -- by the range of interior designers and projects for which Stilio has hit the spot. Here it is in the foyer of a large hospital:


It comes from Licht Im Raum, one of the most respected companies in our industry. Founded 50 years ago in Düsseldorf as lighting designers, they have created their own range of luminaires (made for them by Dinnebier Licht in Wuppertal). They are therefore one of the very few companies that operate equally successfully in both the technical and the fine lighting arenas.

Steliois based on a simple oval metal module which contains glass rods that are carefully, irregularly, placed both to prevent glare from the lamp and to maximize the play of light in the rods.

The module...

licht im raum stelio chandelier detail

...can be multiplied to create very elegant, beautiful chandeliers of any shape or size, that look clean from directly above or below, making them suitable for stairwells:

licht im raum Stilio_1185_Messing_2_02_br chandelier

Bigger compositions are ideally suited to large spaces, here in a Marriott function room/ballroom...

Licht Im Raum stilio chandeliers-l-marriott

and here in a traditional vaulted quasi-religious space:

licht im raum Stilio_800_Leuchter_2_03_h chandelier
Licht im raum Stilio chandelier_800_Leuchter

Yet they are also perfect for interiors that are elegant, contemporary, art déco or modernist:

licht im raum Stilio_10_1_03_b chandelier

The module has been adapted to create a lovely table light:

stilio table light licht im raum

and here is one of the applique designs...

stilio-wall light licht im raum

...which combine perfectly with chandeliers from the same collection:

stilio-marriott-01-b licht im raum chandelier applique

There is even a lantern:

Licht Im raum stilio lantern

Now it should be clear why Licht Im Raum is so respected. Do take the opportunity presented by their showing at lightjunction to see the lights for yourself, to experience how satisfyingly made and designed they are. You can also talk to the team -- generally, or specifically about a project. Remember, they are also lighting designers, so they know exactly how their lights perform as lights, and what other lighting would be needed in a space.

Here are a few more applications. A corridor...

Licht Im Raum Stilio Sonderleuchter

...over a large rectangular boardroom or dining table:

Licht Im raum stilio-10-treutlein

And what better light could there be to go over a smaller rectangular table -- a short one...

Licht Im Raum Stilio 3 light linear pendant light

...or a longer one:

Licht Im Raum Stilio 5 light linear pendant

So, if Licht Im Raum's Stilio does not quite work everywhere, I hope that you now agree that it works in lots of places, which is why I've highlighted the ones I've illustrated in bold. Maybe a Stilio would fit somewhere in your current project...? If so, do  come and talk it over with the guys.

They come in brushed stainless steel, polished nickel, brass...

Licht Im raum Stilio pendant light in brass

...and matt black.

lightjunction 18 22 September 2013
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