lightjunction: for the first time EVER, images and data for all the lights being shown, on apps and on the web site!

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Architonic is arguably the single most important free tool available to specifiers. We are thrilled therefore that they are doing two things for us at lightjunction (our fine lighting show that  is collocated with designjunction during London design Week), and that they are the Headline Sponsor of designjunction and lightjunction.

The first is a half hour training session that they be giving each day (except Sunday) at eleven o'clock, as part of the Seminar Programme. We have asked them to show you how to get the most out of what they have created. Most people use it, either on Architonic's own web site, or (without realizing it) via "virtual showrooms" on various reseller sites, including the LIGHT FINDER on our web site, but we see that they don't know enough about just how helpful it can be.

The second is amazing! Something that has never been done before!!

There are images and details for every single item displayed at the two shows,

--     in a searchable database (by manufacturer, by designer, by product type)

--     on the web site and as a FREE Android or iTunes app,

--     from now, during the show, and for the next twelve months!!!

When we were conceiving our fine lighting show,  we took a clean sheet of paper and wrote down what we felt really matters to an exhibitor and to a professional visitor.

One of the most important was VISITORS REMEMBERING WHAT THEY SAW.

The exhibitor wants you, the visitor (plus the press, and bloggers), to remember what you all saw, obviously -- what it was, who designed it, how big it is, &c. and -- especially -- whose stand you saw it on! There has never been a satisfactory way to make this happen: giving out catalogues is expensive (and they are heavy to carry), leaflets do not have enough information, the various electronic services that have been offered in the past have never been adopted by enough exhibitors….

One bad consequence is extensive use of cameras, in spite of the fact that this is forbidden, for obvious reasons. Taking pictures is bad manners, annoys the exhibitors and looks very unprofessional. Even if someone does take a picture, it doesn't give them data about the light.

This problem needs to be solved once and for all. So we discussed it with Architonic. As a result, we are delighted to announce that they have created show-specific apps, for designjunction as well as lightjunction, and a "Virtual Showroom"on the designjunction/lightjunction web site.

To download the app, go to iTunes or the Play Store and search for "designjunction".

To find the Virtual Showoom, click on "Virtual Showroom" on the menu bar across the top of any designjunction/lightjunction page...

lightjunction virtual showroom

...or click here.

lightjunction 18 22 September 2013
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