lightjunction -- best new light: Ripple by Poetic Lab for Lobmeyr

Ripple table light by Poetic Lab for Lobmeyr

Don't forget our world first! Courtesy of Architonic, you can still see on the dedicated apps and the Virtual Showroom on the lightjunction web site details of everything that you saw -- or missed -- at lightjunction and designjunction this year.

Poetic Lab is a new London-based product design company founded by Shikai Tseng and Hansei Chen. They met at the RCA and teamed up to show at Milan's SaloneSatellite this year. They showed Ripple. It looked like this:

Poetic Lab Ripple table light at Satellite 2013

It was seen there by the illustrious Viennese chandelier company, Lobmeyr. We are delighted to announce that Lobmeyr will be launching this design soon.

Between  the SaloneSatellite and lightjunction, they have both worked on the design, so by the time we saw it in London, it looked like this:

Poetic Lab and Lobmeyr Ripple table light

The light source is now in a small bubble of rippled glass. It stands next to a larger bubble of rippled glass: the light shines through both. So -- double the ripples! Having two parts adds to the delight and also keeps the design clean: the transformer for the lamp in the small bubble is in the elegant brass base of the large bubble, where also is housed the motor that gently turns the large bubble, creating what we called in an earlier post, "slow, cold flames".

Lobmeyr are not the only great name to have spotted Ripple, for it is also to feature in the new exhibition, Lightopia, which has just opened at the Vitra museum and will then travel to other museums around the world. The catalogue in English will be available at Christmas time and can be ordered from Amazon via our Bookshop.

Do watch out for what Poetic Lab do in the future. They showed their cool Shadow Clock at lightjunction:

Poetic lab Shadow Clock

and also have Misty on their web site...

Poetic Labs Misty

..."designed to be a symphony composed of flower, mist, light and geometrically-shaped granite, where the result is a...'scene' instead of merely a physical object. What holds the flower is not something physical, but a misty volume of light."

Why the name Poetic Lab? They say, "Poem, the combination of ideas, thoughts and feelings in various beautiful forms...same as what we do." London-trained and not afraid to say the word "beautiful" -- whatever next?!

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