LZF making beautiful music at lightjunction

LZF lightjunction 2013

Don't forget our world first! Courtesy of Architonic, you can still see on the dedicated apps and the Virtual Showroom on the lightjunction web site details of everything that you saw -- or missed -- at lightjunction and designjunction this year.

LZF manage to create a wonderful range of colours in their wood veneers -- wonderful, because of the exact hue and intensity selected. Above is a long shot of several of their Escape pendant. A sensible size -- Ø40cm H30cm -- it also works beautifully in a simple off-white:

LZF Escape pendant light

And that illustrates the main visual message conveyed by the sensitive hanging of their lights at lightjunction by LZF and Do Shop. The coloured versions were dotted around the entrances to the halls, whereas once visitors reached the stand, they found this magnificent arrangement of many of their lights in off-white -- virtually no colour at all:

LZF Designjunction 2013

LZF have taken advantage of this massed effect to create a new chandelier, called Candelabro:

LZF candelabro chandelier

which can also be in colours:

LZF candelabro chandelier

It is a medley of several of their existing designs, including the recent Raindrop:

LZF Raindrop pendant light  cluster

(which is beautifully engineered so that it is easy to relamp and always hangs at the right angle) .

Candelabro also has birds flitting happily about:

LZF candelabro chandelier detail

Yet again one is amazed and delighted by how much LZF can do with elegant wood veneer -- the simple, the complex, the elegant, the frenzied....

LZF candelabro chandelier set

The general theme of the new collection was High Fidelity (so, you see, my headline was not just a pitiful cliché!). They have had great fun with this, whilst exhibiting a very accurate feel for 1960s fonts and graphic design. To see what I mean, have a look at this little video:

As I write this, I'm enjoying the album that Sandro produced. It is recorded in full high fidelity, stereophonic sound! You can download the tracks here, where you'll also learn more about the campaign.

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