Brokis bring Shadows to lightjunction

brokis shadows glass and wood pendant lights

Don't forget our world first! Courtesy of Architonic, you can still see on the dedicated apps and the Virtual Showroom on the lightjunction web site details of everything that you saw -- or missed -- at lightjunction and designjunction this year.

Lucie Koldova's and Dan Yeffet's latest collection for Brokis, Shadows,  is a bit more conventional than their others. It is basically a school light made from glass and wood.

The wooden part, which contains LEDs, is oak, which can be left natural...

Brokis shadows pendant lights white

...or stained black:

Brokis Shadows rectangular cluster

The cable can be white, yellow, red, grey or black.

The glass hangs from the wood, held in place by friction: the wood is wider at the bottom -- you feed the wood through the glass to put the light together. There are five shapes of glass...

Brokis Shadows pendant light PC894
Brokis Shadows pendant light PC895
Brokis Shadows pendant light PC896
Brokis Shadows pendant light PC897

and a larger one:

Brokis Shadows XL pendant light PC911

...and five colours/finishes: opal, smoke grey, smoke brown, triplex opal black and transparent black.

At lightjunction, Brokis had a striking display of Shdaows in black oak with opal black glass:

Brokis shadows pendant light black

BTW, the transparent black does let some light out, like this:

Brokis SHADOWS pendant light by Dan Yeffet & Lucie Koldova

The Shadows can be purchased and hung individually or in an arrangement of your own devising:

brokis shadows pendant lights in a group

or there is a round ceiling plate that takes a set of each of the five (see the second image from the top of this post), and a rectangular ceiling plate that takes two sets -- i.e. ten Shadows (see the third image from the top).

This is going to be a hugely useful light. It is based on a useful design anyway, but with the fine materials (oak, glass), excellently detailed design (as we expect now from Lucie and Dan), and the variety of colours and finishes, it is going to be suitable for a wide variety of environments.

BROKIS SHADOWS by Dan Yeffet & Lucie Koldova
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